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It would be pleasantly nostalgic to reconsider where tech was when I started and where it is now, in some kind of vague and ambiguous comparison, but that is such a bore. I did, like so many others, muck with cuts-only choppers and the various permutations that followed, some quite advanced and sophisticated. The only constant has been change;  the learning never really ends.


I work in a field where disruption, technologically speaking, can be an amazingly positive thing if not always evident at first. Even in these partisan times of which workstation or edit app is better or who is a “pro”, where anyone can rent or cheaply buy software and apply that term to him or herself, I still believe the present state of the art toolset is incredible and what comes next will be amazing.  Now more than ever, we are cutting at the speed of thought.


Of course there are things I like besides cutting video; here is a short list: dogs, motorcycles, fly fishing, the sciences, industrial design, the fine arts, music, film, and television. Along with the video and radio work, my background is rooted in the arts. I spent time pounding the boards in theatrical productions, playing music, roaming  galleries and museums. In the last few years I completed my first cross-country solo motorcycle trip to British Columbia and back, wracking up over 7000+ miles. 


In Cincinnati, I spent the bulk of my time at two of the city’s top post facilities,

PPS Group and Red Echo Post, working with a wide variety of clients, material

and technology, on projects ranging from straightforward to the sublimely complex.



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