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Final Cut Pro X and Motion5.  


Love and hate in the edit studio. It writes itself.


Does anybody use Final Cut Pro X?

When FCPX was released, all FCP7 editors moved to Avid or Adobe.
Apple has completely forsaken the Pro's.


You get the idea.


Six years and now nineteen updates later, X is stronger than ever.

Feature films, major broadcasters, and documentary makers

are exploiting the power and speed of X with the Pro workstation

or the 5K iMac to create amazing and outstanding work in less time.  


editfreak cut/fx is proud to have been an

early adopter of FCPX; using and beta testing since v10.0.0.

Final Cut Pro X has more users now than 7 ever had.



The tools @ editfreak cut/fx:


 The beating heart: MacPro 2013 8 core coupled with Promise Pegasus R6 TB2.

 FCP X 10.4


Motion5 with endless replicators and particles, 3D environments,

rigging and publishing of fx and text to FCPX.

Multitudes of templates to make your project fly right from the start.


 Inside X: CoreMelt's TrackX, SliceX, Chromatic and DriveX,

powered by Mocha planar tracking.

Hawaiki Keyer 4.0.

Correction and grading with Color Finale Pro.

Custom looks and transitions from Red Giant, MotionVFX,

Alex4D, RippleFX, and FX Factory. to make collaboration between off-site producers

and clients simple and easy. 


Critical color monitoring via Flanders Scientific 12 bit display, 

which offers support for a variety of signal formats,

from NTSC/PAL to HD and 2K.

4K displayed via a 39" screen from MacPro.


 Logic Pro X to compose or add sparkle to your track.

Audio monitored via Mackie MR8's.


Compressor4 to deliver your work in

any file format you wish.


Because it's a complex world: using XtoCC provides pathways

to and from Premiere Pro and into Media Composer.

DaVinci Resolve 14 now supports color info, mixed frame rates,

and retimings in a seamless workflow via FCPX xml.

Precise audio turnovers for ProTools and Nuendo workstations

via X2Pro and utilizes the power of roles from FCPX.



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